Aang Beckett

Okay, to preface this post, a bit of explanation:
I write stories, particularly science fiction, and I tend to find dolls who resemble the ideas I had for characters in said stories. Some of them require an altered paint job, hair cut, new clothes, new body or all of the above.

Today, I’d like to introduce to you a character from my Stargate Atlantis fanfiction, the main character in fact: Aang Beckett.


Aang is Mattel’s Hunger Games Katniss Everdeen, the first version where Katniss was created on the Goddess mold, prior to the development of the Jennifer Lawrence face mold.

Funny enough, Katniss’s black tank top and olive green cargo pants are semi accurate to Aang’s uniform so she didn’t need any serious redressing. These photos are old, by the way…the pleated and pink-edged lab coat has since been replaced by a lab coat from a scientist Barbie who was (FINALLY) released with her shirt and lab coat as separate items as opposed to the ever-irritating velcro-backed lab coat with the shirt sew into the front of it.

Here’s a photo of Aang before and after her repaint, by the way. Before on the left, after on the right.


I darkened her lips and made her eyes slightly more green. Liquitex Basics acrylic artists’ paints by the way, although nail polish is also a viable makeup option for dolls. The upside to the acrylic is that if you aren’t certain about a color, soap and water will remove it until you seal it on.

Aang is part of a bigger group of characters, but unfortunately, the only family photo I have is all blurry. I’ll edit that in later. For now, here’s Aang with her husband, Carson Beckett:


Carson Beckett is a Navy Seal from the Power Team Elite: World Peacekeepers toy line. They are 1:6 scale action figures with switchable hands (most come with gloved black hands, I switched his with the basic skin tone hands I had on another guy), fourteen points of articulation (Neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, torso, hips, knees and ankles) and usually in military dress except for a few plainclothes CIA/FBI guys and the plainclothes sniper whose clothes Carson is wearing until I get him a better outfit.

As an aside, if you notice in any photos of Aang where she’s wearing a skirt without leggings or her Stewart Tartan lingerie set that her knees are screwed up, I should mention I caused that by mistake while trying to remove the Katniss boots from her feet. I have never met a pair of Barbie shoes so difficult to remove.

Oh, and Aang’s earrings and necklace in the above photo are handmade by myself, those will feature in another post later on.

Here’s another of Aang’s family;


Her best friend and soul sister Joelle “Joey” Watson. Joey is a character belonging to a friend of mine, who shall hereafter be referred to as Lady Pandora.  She’s a Barbie Basics wave 002 model No. 05 head on a Katniss body; whom has had her eyes repainted and her hair slightly trimmed. Her author, Lady Pandora, sent her to me along with the Minions t-shirt she’s wearing and a uniform identical to Aang’s. You’ll see a lot of pictures featuring these two girls turning up on this blog.

Aang’s top, by the way, is a Liv World top that I got along with a Daniela doll I happened to pick up second hand at some form of yard sale. It fits the belly button bodied Barbies perfectly.


Feel free to ignore my hand, but I thought for one last photo, I would show you Aang wearing her favorite Stewart Tartan lingerie for Carson to see. This outfit was originally from a Highland Fling Silkstone doll. The top and cover up fit like a joy as do the little (cloth) slippers, but the bottoms…it was a fight to get them to snap shut at the back and I would only use this outfit on her very rarely so as to avoid destroying it.

More about Aang later…thanks for reading!



Meet Beverly

So, for my first “Meet” post, I would like you to meet Beverly. She started her life as a Blonde, Blue eyed Curvy Fashionista. I’m not too happy with the lack of articulation on these girls, but for the different body types, I am sucking it up. That aside, here is a promo shot of the doll I started with for Bev.


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This is just a corner of the internet where I can share my dolls, their stories and who else I bring home to add to my collection.

Right now, my collection tops in at about 350 different dolls – One day, I’ll get a better shot of the whole group.


98% of my collection, minus a few special characters and dolls who don’t fit on the shelf – There are a wide variety of dolls, Monster High, Ever After High, Bratz, Moxie Girlz & Teenz, My Scene, Liv World, Wee 3 Friends, Barbie & friends, So In Style, Disney and a few others who managed to sneak in.

So…stay tuned to meet some of my dolly friends and see them transform from out-of-the-box dolls to customized characters with stories.