Meet Beverly

So, for my first “Meet” post, I would like you to meet Beverly. She started her life as a Blonde, Blue eyed Curvy Fashionista. I’m not too happy with the lack of articulation on these girls, but for the different body types, I am sucking it up. That aside, here is a promo shot of the doll I started with for Bev.


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This is just a corner of the internet where I can share my dolls, their stories and who else I bring home to add to my collection.

Right now, my collection tops in at about 350 different dolls – One day, I’ll get a better shot of the whole group.


98% of my collection, minus a few special characters and dolls who don’t fit on the shelf – There are a wide variety of dolls,┬áMonster High, Ever After High, Bratz, Moxie Girlz & Teenz, My Scene, Liv World, Wee 3 Friends, Barbie & friends, So In Style, Disney and a few others who managed to sneak in.

So…stay tuned to meet some of my dolly friends and see them transform from out-of-the-box dolls to customized characters with stories.